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Various Tawny Owl sequences used on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love Your Weekend’, series 6 episode 7 (from 44m 55s)
“Night of the owls: An extraordinary wildlife experience in South Cambridgeshire” – an article in the Cambridge Independent. View or download pdf.

“I had a great experience viewing the Tawnies with Kevin. His friendliness, knowledge and the care he puts in, ensures you have the best chance of great views. I have been twice now, getting great owl and owlet pictures, as well as badger and a deer. He ensures that the owl’s welfare is the priority. I was amazed how much time I had viewing and photographing the owl and her young. Kevin gave good advice on camera settings etc, as his lighting set up means there is no flash photography.”
Steve Davey, Bedfordshire

“I highly recommend Kevin’s Tawny Owl hide, Kevin was welcoming and lovely, he clearly adores these Owls. The evening couldn’t have been better and the setup allowed for fantastic views and photos of these majestic birds, it was so special I found myself quite emotional about being so close to the wildlife. I even had a brief encounter with a fox which was a lovely bonus. Thanks again, I will always remember my Tawny Owl experience.”
Rachel Lister, Essex

“I have sometimes been disappointed with paid hide experiences but Kevin’s Tawny Owl hide exceeded my expectations and the fantastic results reflect the huge amount of effort Kevin has clearly put in. The birds were wonderfully cooperative and a good variety of perches, all beautifully lit, together with Kevin’s helpful hints on settings allowed for a fabulous range of images of both the adult and owlets. Highly recommended.”
Gary Faulkner, Sussex

“I had such an amazing evening at the Tawny hide. Kevin’s support, friendliness and superb guidance resulted in a productive & enjoyable session. I would definitely go again.”
Diane Le Count, Hertfordshire

“The Tawny owl was magical to be with. She flew in numerous times and kept very still whilst posing for her photo. I also enjoyed the “B” list of animals- badger & muntjac, who passed by occasionally. Kevin looked after us very well and gave lots of hints on how to get good photos. I look forward to returning when the chicks start to show.”
Sophia Spurgeon, Hertfordshire

“I had a great time at the hide with a beautiful female Tawny Owl. Kevin is a pleasure to deal with, keeping me updated throughout and is a genuinely really nice chap. The set up is varied & interesting and the Owl did not disappoint, visiting regularly through the session allowing me to get some smashing pictures! Overall, a great experience and I would recommend highly.”
Mark Webb, Northants

“Kevin was kindly able to comfortably accommodate 3 of us at his superb Tawny owl hide. It’s a great set up for photography and we were fortunate in that we had a large number of visits that evening and came away with some cracking shots. Kevin is a really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful guy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this hide to anyone interested in wildlife photography. I hope to visit again soon – Thank you!”
Graham Smith, Norfolk

“A magical evening with the Tawnies in their natural environment, with Kevin on hand throughout the session to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.”
Martin Hancock, Suffolk

“If you want to watch and photograph Tawny Owls at night this is a fantastic site developed by Kevin.  If you are lucky badgers might visit as well. You will be in a single, comfortable pop-up hide looking directly onto various perches and trees the owls use. Kevin will explain all about the owls and if needed help you with your camera settings to get great images. No flash required but ensure you have a tripod as you will be shooting at low speeds. Fully recommended.”
David Gowing, Bedfordshire

“I had the pleasure of visiting Kevin’s hide in May 2023 and had such an amazing visit. Kevin is so helpful and knowledgeable (before via email and on the day) and the hide is in such an idyllic setting for the tawny owl pictures. I came away with the best set of photos I have ever taken. The tawny owl visited so many times and stayed around for ages. Kevin has put so much time and energy into making this the ideal setting for tawny owls.”
Jenny Moore, Norfolk

“Following a chance meeting with Kevin at RSPB Lakenheath I booked the use of his Tawny Owl hide at Fen Drayton. Kevin’s knowledge of settings to achieve fabulously sharp images at such low shutter speeds (even when using a monopod) were invaluable. Looking forward to visiting again in the near future.”
John Crooks, Norfolk

“Having heard many good comments from other photographers I made a visit to Kevin’s hide – I was not disappointed. Although the LEDs require shooting at low shutter speeds this was not a problem and my Canon R5 & RF 100- 500 lens proved to be ideal for the session. After some nearby calls, the Owls turned up after a few minutes – a female and three juveniles. Whilst watching them a Badger also wandered in – it was difficult to decide which to concentrate on…not a problem I am used to! The Badger returned a twice more during the evening and the Owls were virtually non-stop until we packed up around 11.30pm. A great evening producing results that I was very happy with. Thank you Kevin for your hard work.”
Garth Peacock, Cambridgeshire

“A thoroughly enjoyable evening spent with Kevin photographing tawny owls, badgers and muntjac deer. My first time spent photographing these wonderful animals at night, great experience & I’d highly recommend to nature photographers. Kevin has clearly put a lot of effort into the site and has a deep understanding and passion for the local wildlife visiting the hides. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, Kevin provides useful photographic advice and guidance during the session. Thank you for giving us all this wonderful opportunity!”
Ian Gillies, Norfolk

“From the moment we arrived we were greeted and made to feel at home. After a short drive to the Tawny Owl hides, Kevin explained what was going to happen and if we had any questions about Tawnies or camera settings. Once the owl started coming in Kevin was always there with advice and checking everything was going ok and we were happy with our photo’s. Just like to add that I can’t wait to go back!”
David Barnes, Norfolk

“Excellent evening spent at Kevin’s Tawny Owl Hides. We were well looked after and the wildlife delivered with several visits by the Tawny as well as a bonus Badger. Very enjoyable. You are close to the action so 100-400mm or 70-200mm on a crop should give good results. The continuous lighting was excellent & didn’t seem to affect the wildlife at all. Highly recommended.”
Peter Crowe, Leicestershire

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and going to his Tawny Owl hide – & what an experience it was. Kevin’s knowledge of the birds and his camera advice was second to none. He made sure we all had a great experience. I have never been so close to a wild owl or indeed the two badgers that joined us. Kevin treated me like an old friend and I cannot wait to return.”
Tony Winn, Northants

“THE BEST wildlife experience I’ve ever had. Kevin was an excellent host with so much knowledge & very hospitable – he truly loves what he does and that makes me extremely happy to be a part of it. My entire time at the hide was worthwhile in every possible way – with the added bonus of so many amazing pictures I shall cherish. I can’t wait to visit again soon! Thank you.”
Rahini Delvis, London

“Thank you so much for a great evening. It was an extraordinary experience & I look forward to coming back again in the future.”
Paolo Monticello, Cambridge

“What a great night watching tawny owls at Kevin’s impressive set up next to the woods. The site is superbly lit and the hides seated position make for an enjoyable experience watching these beautiful birds. I used a 600mm lens on a full frame camera, which got me some fantastic frame filling images. I took so many shots I filled my memory card, we had also had visits of deer and badgers which was an added bonus. I recommend this experience to anyone interested in wildlife photography. Kevin is a passionate and friendly host, I hope to visit again – many thanks.”
Clive Whatley, Dorset

“I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Kevin’s Tawny hide a couple of times. Purely as an experience it is truly epic. To be able to see & photograph tawny owls that close is just magical. Kevin is very knowledgeable about his subject & he keeps you updated on activity of the owls leading up to your visit and genuinely cares about you getting good photos. I sure will be going back. Badger and other wildlife a big bonus too.”
Dilshan Muthalib

“Had a great time with the owls at Kevin’s hide. Not only were there plenty of opportunities for shots, but Kevin was a consummate host, providing a novice like me with helpful tips on how to get better results. Following subsequent review of the images, application of his advice seems to have worked!”
Guy Mercer, Market Harborough

“We visited the hides in July 2022, when the owlets were almost fully fledged, and before Kevin had even finished setting up we had a roebuck following a doe in the field just behind. Kevin & Pauline have put a lot of work into setting up the hides and gaining the trust of the tawny owls, while constantly ensuring that the needs of the owls comes first. We spent a couple of hours in the hides with, frankly, the best views we’ve ever had of wild, yet relaxed tawnies. I’m still processing images and video a month later. An excellent experience all-round with a very knowledgeable guide for whom nothing seems too much trouble. We’d highly recommend this for anyone with an interest in watching, photographing, videoing or even just listening to the vocal repertoire of this normally elusive owl.”
Marc Baldwin (Wildlife Online) & Steph Powley, Hampshire

“OMG ! This was BRILLIANT. This was for my daughter’s belated 14th birthday present as she is into wildlife photography – and she absolutely loved it, we had an amazing evening. The tawny owls were with us for ages and my daughter took so many wonderful pictures (which she is showing everyone). We also had a visit from a roe deer too. Can’t recommend this experience enough – Thank you Kevin.”
Tracy & Kelsey Chaffey, Cambridgeshire

“Kevin has created an excellent set-up, with adequate lighting, comfortable one-person hides and well set-out perches. He provides excellent guidance on the owls behaviour and clearly cares for them a lot. I have now visited 4 or 5 times. The Tawny Owls have never failed to appear – although on one occasion they did leave it a bit late! On my most recent visit, we were treated to lengthy displays from three tawnies and also badger. Lovely!”
Matt Clarke, Suffolk

“Really enjoyed my evening with the owls. The badger was a brilliant bonus. Kevin was very helpful with settings and directions of where to look. We were very lucky when a young owl flew right down in front of us. I’d definitely recommend it.”
Lyn Dempsey, Buckinghamshire

“I have now visited Kevin’s tawny owl hide twice. Firstly in August 2021 when the adult pair of owls visited and posed a number of times during the evening. We also saw a badger briefly. The second time was late June 2022 and this time it was the female tawny plus two well developed chicks who visited and stayed for a decent length of time, allowing me to get some nice photos. A badger appeared again and this time was in front of the hide for quite a long time. It was fascinating to just watch the wildlife but getting photos too is an added bonus.”
David Schenck, Suffolk

“Having bumped into Kevin several times whilst birding over the past ten years, I thought it was about time I paid a visit to his Tawny Hide. I had never photographed a Tawny Owl before so my hopes were high. I was not disappointed. It was a brilliant evening with the 3 owlets showing up right on time, posing beautifully for some great shots, with the adult female making the occasional appearance. A local badger also made a visit, coming so close that my 100-400mm lens was essential. Kevin is a great host and gave plenty of advice on camera settings etc, for the nightime shots. I also appreciated the enormous amount of time and effort that Kevin has taken in creating his setup. The hides, lighting and perches are all ideal. He is also passionate about the owls’ welfare – if they weren’t happy then they wouldn’t have stayed there and nested successfully. Ultimately I can thoroughly recommend a visit and I’m anxious to see what happens next year!”
Kevin Mayhew, Cambridgeshire

“I spent a wonderful evening with Kevin photographing several different Tawny Owls. It was a fantastic wildlife experience to watch the range of behaviour that the owls exhibited. An added bonus was the deer that also checked out the set-up. The care that Kevin has taken with the set-up in terms of good perches and lighting is duplicated in the care he took with me to ensure that I was happy and getting the shots I wanted. I got some stunning photos and couldn’t be happier with the evening. I plan to return next year.”
Dr Matthew Binns, Cambridgeshire

“Kevin’s setup is just perfect for the capture of the Tawny owls. He has the lighting and perches all perfectly positioned, you could not wish for any better. To top all of that off, Kevin himself is a warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable individual.”
Ray Kilham, RAKphotographic

“A wonderful experience being so close to a wild Tawny Owl. Kevin is on hand to share his wealth of experience to give you the chance of great photo opportunities.”
David & Alison Sparrow Suffolk

“Kevin is clearly passionate about the owls & their welfare and also about providing an excellent photographic experience. He is keen to explain what to expect as far as the owl’s behaviour is concerned and to provide photographic tips and hints. As anticipated by Kevin the owl arrived on time, was v relaxed and systematically worked her way around a number of perches in a very natural and well-lit area, providing numerous photo opportunities. A badger foraging in the background at the end and then approaching close enough for a few pictures was a bonus. An excellent experience and one to be repeated.”
Malcolm Clements, Cambridgeshire

“An excellent evening photographing a tawny owl, a wide variety of shots with the numerous perches available for the owl to visit. Kevin is an excellent host, friendly and has a good understanding of the owls activity, he told us the owl would start visiting at sunset and on cue the owl arrived, visiting repeatedly over the next hour to collect food for the owlets nearby.”
Simon Sparkes, Kettering

“Having known Kevin for about 10 years through our love of photographing Owls and other wild species of birds, I thought it would be good for us both to reconnect and try his private hide setup for myself. I brought along with me a colleague from work who is a complete novice at both digital and night photography. Kevin was able to demonstrate quickly & effectively how to set up our cameras to get the most out of our equipment. The wildlife images we were able to capture speak for themselves.”
Ben Hartmann, Stotfold, Bedfordshire

“I spent a great evening at the Tawny Owl Hide. There was a lot of activity as the owl visited the branches and perches repeatedly. What a beautiful bird! The hide set up and location was well thought through and Kevin was a very nice and knowledgeable host. Highly recommend!”
Harry Few, Hong Kong

“I started off looking for Green Woodpeckers and Google brought me to Kevin’s web page. Kevin also informed me he had some tawny owls showing excellently as the female had young owlets to feed. After a little thought I booked this, meeting with Kevin on the evening. What a pleasant and genuine guy he is, very helpful with all questions answered which I had on camera settings etc. As his set up had LED lighting rather than the flash set ups I previously used elsewhere, I was intrigued how this would be, but I found the LED set up fantastic! Ample light everywhere and all I had to do was keep an eye on my exposures on the different natural perches and trees. The night was fantastic having endless action when the Tawny came in, she was almost continuously feeding and going back to her nest area to feed the younger owlets. I was then blessed at the end of the night to have a young owlet come down to a nearby tree where I was able to get a shot I was dreaming of. Can’t recommend this enough and I will definitely book in again next year with Kevin.”
James Gregory, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire

“I have had the pleasure of visiting Kevin’s Tawny Owl hide on a couple of occasions, and have not been disappointed on either. Both visits have resulted in some great showings, and images, of the Tawny Owls and, on the first occasion, an extended visit from a badger. Kevin’s desire for you to have an enjoyable experience is obvious, and his efforts to keep everything as natural as possible are admirable. Kevin is a great example of a passionate wildlife photographer seeking to share his love of nature with others.”
Brian Calder, Norfolk

“If you have a love of wildlife & photography and want to experience something special, visit Kevin Robson’s wildlife hide. I had the great pleasure in attending the hide recently and am still totally blown away by the experience. Kevin is a great host and even though I had no previous experience of night photography Kevin’s knowledge of the Tawny Owl & his guidance in helping me set up correctly for what was to come enabled me to capture Tawny Owl images I can be very proud of. Not only did I have the best time, I learned a lot and became a better photographer. Thank you Kevin. See you again soon!”
Steve Reeve, Suffolk

“Amazing evening watching this beautiful bird land so close. We were able to catch some fantastic images and then we had the added bonus of the badger just meters away …. Great experience and Kevin is just the nicest helpful host.”
Mike & Maggie, Wales

“Having set up Barn Owl watching at night myself, I was looking forward to visiting this Tawny Hide. What an experience! It is not often you see a Tawny, let alone in colour and moving around at very close quarters! This hide set-up is well thought out, relaxed and most importantly the Tawny’s welfare is obviously paramount.”
Simon Hurwitz, Norfolk

“Tawnys… Had a great evening (with a mate) at Kevin Robson’s set up. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed – I would highly recommend it as Kevin has vast experience and will definitely help you out with the photography side of things – especially if you have had no experience with night photography, in fact it was an amazing experience…”
Darryl Lane, Suffolk

“Kevin is probably the most dedicated and hardworking wildlife photographer I know, and he has set up an incredible situation with the tawny owls. It was an unforgettable evening watching such a secretive wild bird so relaxed and so close up, and very satisfying to make photos of it going about its business. Fantastic to hear the male and female calling to each other too. Book a session, you won’t regret it.”
Kip Loades, Photographer

“What an awesome experience. From the communication at booking, the brief before we went to the site and all the helpful tips on settings once there were first rate. Kevin obviously has a passion for delivering a great night, he is knowledgeable and answered every question thoughtfully. Once we arrived he took me through what to hopefully expect, where we should be looking / aiming, and how to get the best shots. I was very fortunate to spend two hours with the owls, they arrived and displayed just as described. The set up facilitates not only great shots but a variety of perches so I got a great array of poses, very close at times. It was also great to just sit and watch these fantastic birds communicate, interact and see them behave naturally first-hand. And we had the bonus of some badgers too! I would recommend to anyone who has a love of owls, of photography (of any level skill set) to book. Thank you Kevin.”
Matt Trevillion

“I had a wonderful evening with excellent views of a Tawny Owl with great opportunities for photography and video. As a bonus a Roe Deer Buck and a Badger passed in front of the hide.”
Kevin Loader, Full Moon Images

“An outstanding opportunity and an experience I’ll never forget – seeing wild tawny owls, hearing the sounds, watching the behaviour and getting super shots. Excellent value. A massive thank you to Kevin for putting the time and effort in to provide a real wild experience. Outstanding.”
Kenny Brooks, KJB Photography

“Had a wonderful evening in Kevin’s terrific set up. It was a pleasure to take images of these iconic birds in lovely surroundings without the need of having to resort to flash and the subsequent chance of the flash recharge not keeping up with the camera shutter.  Great perches and clear views, I came away with some lovely portrait shots of these super predators.”
Howard Birley, Cambridgeshire

“I have had two visits to Kevin’s photo hide & was very impressed with the quality of the shots that I got and great perches for the owls to land on. On the second visit he had added more lights – giving a greater variety of shots, plus we had the bonus of badger and roe deer shots. The lighting is fantastic, giving me my best tawny owl captures that I have ever had. Great value and all his hard work is paying off and making it such a reliable & amazing experience.”
Colin Mayes Photography

“I recently made my second visit to Kevin Robson’s terrific Tawny Owl set up. Had another fantastic evening with a bird you would usually just hear in the dead of the night. Kevin’s attention to detail in helping you having a great experience is terrific. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone – superb.”
Kevin Carolan

“I recently had a photo session at Kevin Robson’s wildlife hide – it certainly didn’t disappoint. The close views of a wild tawny owl were sensational. As an extra treat I had very near views of badgers and found it difficult to know where to point my lens! My only problem was that the badgers came almost too close to the hide – my 500mm prime lens was ideal for the owl but a little less focal length would have been better for the badgers. Thanks once again Kevin for such a wonderful wildlife treat. I certainly expect to treat myself to another session.”
Roger Collorick

“A very enjoyable and successful evening at Kevin Robson’s Tawny Owl hide in Fen Drayton Cambridgeshire. The pair of owls were very active, the male bird posed regularly for a good hour or so, whilst the female bird made the odd close fly-by. The LED lighting is superb, enabling good quality, close portraits in natural surroundings . A badger also made a cameo appearance. Kevin is more than happy to give guidance on settings etc if required. Well recommended. Looking forward to my next visit.”
Nigel Sprowell, St Ives, Cambs

“I booked an evening at Kevin’s hide at the recommendation of a friend & I wasn’t disappointed! The whole process from pre-booking communication to meeting Kevin, being shown the area, suggested camera settings, his eagerness, knowledge & sheer will for his clients to have a successful session shines through. A 10/10 experience”
Nick Clayton Photography